Bratenahl chapter of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy

WRLC, Bratenahl chapter plan for stewardship of our two large conserved parcels:

  • The Bratenahl Bird      Sanctuary (betweenCorning        Driveand 105th/Bratenahl Rd.) and
  • The Bratenahl      Greenspace Preserve (betweenCorning        Driveand theHamlet/Bratenahl Place)

WRLC, Bratenahl Chapter board members:

  • Beau Daane (chair) / 216-509-1983
  • Bob Gudbranson
  • Ginnie Havens
  • Ava Peterson
  • Kent Hedman
  • Mel Mellis
  • Lucy Weller
  • Vikki Broer
  • Keith Sutton
  • George Mateyo
  • Tom McDonald

10+ year plan for the stewardship of our two large conserved parcels

 -Yearly bird and plant walks (spring).

-Yearly trash clean ups (fall).

-Yearly invasive plant removal (time of year: TBD).

-With WRLC’s help (Pete and Ed), we determined that we cannot cut trees on the conserved properties, unless they are “dead, diseased or down.”  To do otherwise would violate the CELCP / NOAA funding we received and the conservation easement.

-Invasive shrubs like honeysuckle, buckthorn, multiflora rose, and invasive herbaceous plants like garlic mustard, lesser celandine, pachysandra, English ivy, Poison ivy and Grapevines can be removed with an herbicide and by cutting.

-Downed trees (no matter how close toLakeshore   Blvd.) should not be cut or ground up since they provide habitat for animals and bugs.

-Volunteers, led by Keith Sutton, will slowly start to remove the invasive herbaceous plants and shrubs in fall 2012 and spring and summer 2013.  Volunteers will have to sign a waiver releasing the Village of any liability.

-Keith Sutton, Beau Daane and Sarah Hawkins will also lead an effort to create trails throughout both properties.  This will enable Villagers to use the conserved parcels for walking/hikes.  These paths will not be mulched or paved.  The easements do not allow any paved material.  Trails are easiest to create when the plants are dormant.  Fall 2012 and Spring & Summer, 2013.

-NOAA will audit the properties from time to time to ensure that we are in compliance with the terms of the grants and the conservation easement.

-Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) will conduct yearly inspections of all three conservation parcels in Bratenahl.

-Once trails are installed on two large parcels, the chapter and Joe Zalar can evaluate locations for benches and tree/plant identification on both properties (2013-2014).

-Re-evaluate the management plan every three years.

We decided on these next steps:
-Marla Murphy will advance the stewardship plan for our two publicly owned properties, that was submitted to Council in July, 2010 and has not yet been approved (see attached updated plan).
-Once the stewardship plan is approved by Council, a group of volunteers will begin creating passive trials in the Bratenahl Greenspace Preserve (between Corning Drive and the Hamlet/Bratenahl Place). We will follow deer paths and Dugway Creek.
-Council will determine if the service dept. can and should help with the trail creation process.
-Councilwoman Laura Bacci will continue to seek out grant funding that could be used to add wood chips to the trails and labels to select trees and native plants. Sarah Hawkins offered to help with the grant writing.

If you would like to be involved in this process, please let Sarah Hawkins ( and me know. We hope to work on this over the course of a couple Saturdays this fall. Right now we are targeting Sat. the 22nd of September at 2pm to begin. Please mark your calendars now.

In the meantime, you are always welcome to enjoy the properties since they are Village owned.

 Update 8/3/12:

We are planning to walk through the properties and begin to plan natural trails on Sat. the 22nd of September from 2-5pm. Meet at the corner of Lakeshore Blvd. and Corning Drive. Bring gloves and clippers and wear long pants.

Sarah Hawkins and Laura Bacci will look into grant options this fall and winter to help us pay for wood chipped trails, benches and tree identification signs.

Thanks for your interest in our greenspace. It is ours to enjoy!