Police Department

Bratenahl Police Department Installs New Audio/Video Equipment

On July 6th of 2010 most of the provisions of Ohio Senate Bill 77 (SB 77) took effect.  One of the provisions of SB 77 requires law enforcement to record custodial interrogations of certain, serious crimes.  The recordings must be videotaped with audio and require specialized equipment to do so.  Although the passage of Senate Bill 77 is intended to provide additional safeguards against wrongful convictions inOhio’s legal system, it does not come without a real cost to local police departments.  It is a particularly difficult financial burden for smaller communities such as Bratenahl that are already stretched thin by dwindling budgets.

The Bratenahl Community Foundation (BCF) is pleased to have provided the funding required to purchase the video and audio equipment necessary to bring our Police Department into compliance with SB 77.

Chief Dolbow issued the following statement to BCF:

 “Members of the Bratenahl Community Foundation,

It is with sincere gratitude and deep appreciation that I forward this email to you.  On behalf of the Bratenahl Police Department, Thank You!

SB 77 mandates that Police record all interviews/confessions of serious felony cases such as murder, rape, etc. and that we develop policy and procedures and remain consistent in the recording process. The Bratenahl Police Department did not budget for or anticipate this expenditure and once we were trained on the issue and realized the need, time and money became an issue.  Having met Jim Puffenberger during a public meeting addressing tax issues and the financial needs of the Police Department, Jim asked if the Bratenahl Community Foundation could step in and offer any help with equipment.

Timing was perfect and Jim secured the support of the Foundation to purchase our audio/ video recording equipment to be installed December 20, 2010.  This equipment brings the Bratenahl Police Department into compliance and is another step towards the level of professionalism and excellence we are striving for as a Department.

Thanks Again, Richard L. Dolbow, Chief of Police, Bratenahl Police Department”

Everyone in our community benefits by maintaining the outstanding level of service and protection we enjoy from our Bratenahl Police Department.  The Bratenahl Community Foundation is proud to be a partner in this effort.